We develop beautiful web applications

We are a hi-tech web development company committed to deliver great products on time. We love to understand our customers' needs and exceed expectations.

E-commerce systems

We create high performance custom Ecommerce websites for any industry and Booking systems.

IoT and Production management

IoT web applications talking with MQTT devices and Production management systems for Industry 4.0.

Custom CRM and ERPs

We can create custom CRMs and ERPs for any industry, like real estate, tourism, transport, municipalities.

Super fast websites

We create blazing fast static websites using React, Gatsby and Next.js from multiple CMS data sources.

Our technology stack

We love the Javascript opensource ecosystem and we are active in the React community, but we are not "technology hooligans": we know that technology is just a means to achieve our customer's goals.

Web Applications

We built hundreds of apps

We create and host websites since 1997. We saw the Internet grow up as the standards evolved. We have built hundreds of successful web applications and we still have a lot of fun.

You can count on us.

We are happy to work with F2.net because they understand our needs and always deliver the product we had in mind. They use the latest technologies and put much care in user experience and data security, improving our productivity with tools our users love.
IT and DPO @ CISL Lombardia
Donato Brandolini
IT and DPO @ CISL Lombardia
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