We are active in the React community, we develop React-based CMS and e-commerce solutions and sometimes we speak at conferences.

React Bricks

React Blocks-based CMS

Define your content bricks, create a blazing fast Gatsby or Next.js static site with Admin dashboard, host it wherever you want.

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Demo React Bricks


Matteo Frana @ React JS Day 2019

Reusing Stateful Logic in React: HOC vs Render Props vs Hooks

Matteo Frana @ Universal JS Day 2017

React SSR in the Wild: yes, we can (if we should)

Our portfolio (coming soon)

We have built web applications for Comune di Bergamo (Municipality of Bergamo), GLS Courier, OMCN S.p.A., Galdram S.p.A., CISL Lombardia (Trade Union), Court of Bergamo, Vodafone Italia, Cattolica Assicurazioni.